Commonly used student blogging platforms

21 Classes

Gaggle (also provides email, discussion boards, digital locker; free and paid versions)



Using blogs with students

Reading Responsiveness 2.0 - ASCD article on how student responses to reading have soared since introducing blogging
How to Use Blogs in the Classroom - an article on best practices of blogging at a variety of grade levels
Blogging is a Great Web 2.0 Gateway for Students - blog post on using blogging to introduce web 2.0 to students
The Prose of Blogging (and a few cons, too) - From THE Journal, an article about how blogging can improve student writing
What Do Your Students Really Think About Blogging - From Sue Waters, The Edublogger

Blogs written by or for students

South Titan Government Blog - Topics presented for students to comment on or commentary by students, 2008 Ed in 08 Educational Blog of the Year
Students 2.0 - blog written by high school students really wanting a voice for their opinions
Kimchi, Cracker Jacks and Maple Syrup - a blog written by and for Korean, American, and Canadian primary/elementary students
Strathpeffer Primary 4 Blog - a classroom blog from Strathpeffer in Scotland
The Blurb - "daily, weekly or sometimes monthly news show created and maintained by some seriously motivated students living in cyberspace!" from North Carolina